Win over prospects in two minutes, without lifting a finger

(By showing them real clients talking about how awesome you are)

I'll let my own client do the talking... (see video).

"In 20 plus years of coaching, I've never had it that easy."

"The testimonial did everything for me. No discovery call.  I had to do nothing".

"People buy from an emotional connection, and whatever you did created that connection".

Would you like clients who:

Have the right idea about what you do as a coach?

Never complain your prices are too high?

Don't waste your time if you’re not a good match?

Sign up with you sooner rather than later?

Have the desire and means to bring you good referrals?

Who will make the best impact on others lives?

How will we do this?
Simple. We'll show your future clients a few of these:

It looks like a video...

But in fact it’s a machine that converts prospects into clients.

What do you get?

A package of video testimonials and support that will:

Convert more of the best clients.
Spike profits.
Reduce the time needed to sign them up.
Bring clients who want to sign before they've met you.
Help people who you barely know refer great clients.
Make first client calls about what needs doing, and not why they should sign up.

I'll also make sure you know how to:

Persuade your current clients to give video feedback.
Get more people to see the videos and get in touch.
Teach your network how to use it and bring you more clients.

I’ll also be checking into make sure you are using these videos the right way, and sharing advice where needed.

Want to know more?
Book a 15 minute chat to learn how we can power up your client pipeline.

We offer a money back guarentee

After the first video is made, and put online as we've advised, if you're not happy, we will refund you (terms and conditions apply).  

Not just one hit wonders

My mission is to ensure honest coaching heroes have their pick of great clients, even if they don't know friends in high places, or lack the public charm that comes easy to others.


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