About Tommi

This is not the most healthy "why" to admit.

But only one thing pushes us more than making mugs of those who write us off.

That's making mugs of those who write my clients off.

More doors have been slammed in our face than I can count.

Many were never opened in the first place.

Take your pick of reasons:

  • Too direct with words.
  • Too inept at banter.
  • Too slow to notice when the p*ss is being taken.
  • Too keen.
  • Too many social faux pas.
  • (Crikey let's just say it, too much on the spectrum for some).
  • Too broke (the vibes people used to give over that).

I'd get alot of sneering glances in the early days of business, and when things picked up they stayed with us. Again this is not a great thing to confess, but I get an impish kick out of seeing the same people's bemused faces when they struggle to equate our clients' returns with the oddball who helped make them happen.

Our clients tend not have seen it that bad; but even those already doing well know what it is to be shot down before they their mouths are open. Maybe because of how they talk, dress or act. Maybe because they work in a sector high on cowboys and low on trust. Maybe because they know their worth and refuse to demand less. And all this despite the returns they bring and their constant support to others.

So when I hear clients tell us they've silenced the doubters, won over the fence sitters, that fills our well back up. Of course doing more of what they love and getting paid for it isn't bad either.

That's my "why", that gets us up in the morning (even if it is a bit late).