What's one long term client worth to you?


Convert leads fast!

Handpick from the best prospects

Our flagship package includes:

For this I'll gather the most golden, sales winning statements from 3 of your clients and turn them into videos that will leave prospects in no doubt that they need you to solve their problems, ASAP.

Option 1

1 client review video (around 2min)
(Branding, subtitles, and transcripts will be added)

Option 2

3 x client review videos (around 2min each)
(Branding, subtitles, and transcripts will be added for all videos)

Option 3

3 x client review videos (around 2min each)
1 review video showing all 3 clients' best feedback (2min).
(Branding, subtitles, and transcripts will be added for all above videos)
Each client interview in full with question graphics (around 30-45min).
3 sets of "5 social media clips" showing client answers to questions.
A formatted transcript of each interview for use in your prospect brochures.
Guidance session (zoom) on which clients to ask and how to ask them.
PDF user guide on where and how to use your videos after.
Support session (zoom) on the user book's content.
Check in sessions after 3, 6 and 12 months to make sure you are getting max ROI.


3 options

Option 1 - £1000 
Option 2 - £2500
Option 3 - £3200 

Book a chat and lets get those prospects off the fence and onto your program.   

Make me an instant expert!

(1 year's video content in 2 hours)

This package includes:

Feel like you need to be on video?
Hate talking to a screen?
Don't know what advice to share?
Don't feel like you're really yourself on camera?
Want to be seen as the go to expert?
Don't have clients who are able to give feedback yet?
Haven't the time to make videos each week?

Don't worry!

We'll make with you between 25 to 50 great videos with you.
Video content that will help make people see you as the expert.
You'll have enough to use and reuse online for the whole year.
And in all of them you'll come across as a human, not a robot.
We'll tease out your know how with simple, painless questions.
All we'll need is 4 x 30min sessions over the year.

We'll add your branding to help people see you as high ticket.
Subtitles will be added to increase the number of viewers.
Transcripts will be handed over for use in blogs and social posts.
And of course we'll guide you on how to use them after.

Want to dip your toes in the water?  Try this first.

Investment - £500 per 3 months (1 year min).

Make them want to meet me!

Business card videos

(A pain free intro to your business)

Do you want prospects to feel...

Keen on fixing a meeting?
More willing to take your advice?
Less confused about what you do?
More like they know you (and can trust you)?
The passion you have for your work?
How much you care about helping others?

Sounds great, but maybe you are...

Scared of learning lines and speaking on camera?
Don't want to come across like a robot?

No problem - I can save all that stress just by asking you some laid back questions over zoom about the business, your passion for the work, and the clients you work with.  That way people will see someone they want to work with, and be more likely to reach out.

Call to action slide
Your brand on the video.
Logo animation.

Investment - £500

And a few optional extras

(Think of them like pizza toppings)

Add photos/video to the testimonial

Want to include photos of your clients business to better show off the type of people you work with? Maybe you want to prove that you work with businesses of 5+ members of staff for example. If you don't have these items, but would like them; I have a strong global network and can likely find you a good photographer/videographer to shoot them.

£100 / $126 / €118
Including photos/videos that you have provided

Social media frames

Want your video to get noticed more on social platforms? I can provide you with branded versions of this video, that make people stop scrolling and start watching.

Here's links to examples and prices (per video)

FB / Linkedin frame (like this)

IGVT frame (like this)


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