Why might you need my testimonial videos?

Maybe you're a coach who’s tired of people:

Having the wrong idea about what you do?
(When you’ve told them 1000 times…)

Saying they can’t afford coaching?
(When they’re burning money like there’s no tomorrow…)

Saying they made it so far on their own without help
(When they're clearly drowining)

Telling you they don’t believe in coaching
(When they’re running around like a headless chicken…)

Networking with you for 2 years and still not asking for help?
(When they’re always talking about how stressed they are…)

Messing up every chance they get to refer you?
(When you’ve asked them not to sell your services…)
Would you prefer prospects who instead:

Have the right idea about what you do as a coach?

Never complain your prices are too high?

Don't waste your time if you’re not a good match?

Sign up with you sooner rather than later?

Have the desire and means to bring you good referrals?

I mean, what if you could win over prospects in two minutes or less, without having to lift a finger?

“Yes, that would be great,” you say, “but it sounds a bit ambitious. How are we going to achieve all that?”

Simple. We show your prospects a few of these:

Don't take our word for it!

It looks like a video but...

In fact it’s a lead conversion machine, with full support on using it to convert more prospects.

Here’s how it works.
Here’s how it works...

By asking your clients detailed questions over zoom, about the great impact you’ve made on their lives, and putting their best answers in the right order, we’ll trigger more people into booking that first call with you. And these won't be lukewarm leads, but prospects served to you piping hot.

I'll also make sure you know how to:

Invite people to give you a video testimonial in the first place.
Get more people to see and be influenced by it.
Teach your network how to use it and bring you more clients.
Even a coach can be swallowed up by the demands of running a business, so I’ll also be checking in from time to time to see if you need any help or advice.

Coaches tend to be awesome people and amongst the kindest, savviest and smartest folk I’ve met in business. Yet how often have you had to wait a very long time before prospects are willing to have that first chat?

I want to help you do what you do best by cutting that signup time right down. And getting rid of the clients who will moan about money, drain you over time, and stop you putting your prices up.

What’s more, I’ll also combine the best feedback from each client into a final highlights video that will make people eager to sign up before they’ve even talked to you – although you’ll probably still want to speak with them first.

And should you wish I'll add you to an online WhatsApp community to receive updates on things you need to be doing, share fresh ideas, and be pushed to even more success by each others wins.

In theory anyone can film and edit a zoom video, but few people know how to tease sales winning answers from clients, whittle them down, and arrange them in the order that both triggers people's pain points the most, gets them wanting to work with you.

Likewise, I can’t help you without knowing what you’ve done for other people, so feel free to book a 15 minute chat to find out how we can power up your client pipeline.


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